Widmer – Stauss / Duos

Markus Stauss, Widmer, Basel, Jazz

Widmer and Stauss

Markus Stauss: tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Jacques Widmer: Schlagzeug

Recorded 2018 December 8 at Walserhaus, Alvaneu by Benno Hofer

Extract from the linernotes by Stephen Roberts, ZNR records and keyboardist of Ut Gret:
What is perhaps most notable about a recording such as this is that it sounds as fresh and exciting as it does given the more than 60 year history of free improvisation in both the jazz and rock idioms. These musicians should be celebrated for keeping the flame alive and listened to for sheer enjoyment. Maybe great art isn’t as rare as people think it is. Maybe you just have to know where to look!