Finally online !!!

A pic in memory of the Vogel (bird) Stauss session in Septenber 2013, when was still OK … almost.

When I recorded my last project VOGEL STAUSS & SEINE ARTGENOSSEN (bird Stauss & and his ART companions) at the Ton-Art studio in September 2013,  I had no idea how the confusions which suddenly appeared with, would develop. More and more less and less worked: „News“ disappeared, with “Feedbacks” similar happend and from time to time was unattainable for me. Finally I couldn’t make any longer some updates.

In this emergency situation Benno Hofer (now working in his new Nadelberg studio) gave me the hint mycomm. Since then, it goes forward with the new website, which integrates Fazzul Music ( will disappear from the net soon).

The features of this new site are:

  • A fresh design, almost happy
  • Its my site as saxohone player, composer and producer.
  • Fazzul Music is the platform where I release my productions.
  • 5 current projects are discribed.
  • There are short and relevant sound samples add to these projects descriptions.
  • The photo album is heavily slimmed down, more related to the current projects.
  • A modern shop ( … and suddenly I am amazed by this number of productions … )

I whish all the visitors a lot of pleasure and a stimulating journey of discovery on !

Markus Stauss, October 2015