SPALTKLANG “in between”

Markus Stauss Spaltklang

CHF 20.00

“… an exciting new direction not only in the career of the band, but also for Markus Stauss, who continues to surprise …”

“Prepare for no-holds-barred wildness too, from the saxophonist’s tenor blurts and squeals to the outright squalls and noise of Francesco Zago, the Yugen axeman … as he lets loose with crazed fretboard skitterings on the title track and outright post-grunge and noise rock blasts on “4 Elements.” … myriad surprises await the listener on In Between. It’s a bit like mashing up some of the signature acts of the NY downtown jazz scene from 20 years earlier into a single highlight reel. And for those mainly familiar with Stauss and Zago’s work together on other AltrOck projects like the avant-proggy Yugen or dark ambient Kurai, hearing them rip through Spaltklang’s cranked-up avant jazz is a real ear-opener.” (Dave Lynch,, Dec. 2013)

Line up:
Markus Stauss tenor, soprano saxophone
Richard Koch trumpet
Francesco Zago el. guitar, loops
Christian Weber bass
Rémy Sträuli drums

1. Look for … 12’58”
2. In between 09’32”
3. 4 Elements (in memo of Cleo) 12’54”
4. A Suite 10’03”
5. Ural Fragment 13’15”

Total time: 58’44”

Compositions by M. Stauss / Recorded by Benno Hofer Ton-Art, Basel, CH, Feb. 13 – 14, 2013