TRANK ZAPPA GRAPPA IN VARESE? (TZGIV) “Play Zappa Live In Waremme 08”

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“Insightful arrangements provide a glimpse of the Zappa genius.”

“Of particular interest are the instrumental takes on “Mother People” and “Mom and Dad”. Sax replaces the vocal lines and some improvisational liberties arise in the middle sections… this crew mixes a nice blend of slavish recreation with its own stylish improvisations. “The Gumbo Variations”, driven by double bass, is a standout track as the boys alternate strutting their stuff. This offering should delight fans of Zappa.” (Warren Barker, Progression magazine, Autumn 2010)

Line up:
Michel Delville guitar, guitar synthesizer, electronics
Markus Stauss tenor, soprano sax
Damien Campion bass, double bass
Laurent Delchambre drums, percussion, electronics

1. Willie the Pimp
2. Mother People
3. The Gumbo Variations
4. Mom & Dad
5. Apostrophe’
6. King Kong (incomplete version)

Total time: 24’40”

Comp: Frank Zappa / Arr: M. Stauss / Recorded live by TZGIV, Waremme, Nov 28, 2008, Belgium / Mix & master by Benno Hofer Ton-Art, Basel, CH, Jan. – Feb. 2009