ÜBERFALL “Nr. 3” (Vinyl LP)

CHF 15.00

This LP reflects the groove of the former performances perfectly.

“It was hard to imagine that Stauss and Kayser could come up with something even better than previously, but that’s exactly what they did. This album marks the peak of Uberfall’s creative process. This is the one where everything really comes together in a string of brilliant, yet lighthearted compositions. If I were to look for a place where the genius of Markus Stauss starts (with help from mostly Kayser), then it should be with this record.” (Rok Podgrajšek, rockline.si, June 8, 2010)

Line up:
Pit Kayser synthesizer, vocals
Markus Stauss saxes,extras
Andi Muckenhirn drums
Jean Chaine electric bass
Caroline Fahrni violin
André Müller alto, baritone sax


1. Überfall
2. So froh
3. Nah und Fern
4. Positives Lied *

1. Treibsand
2. Sprachlos **
3. Eiszeit **
4. 24

Compositions & lyrics: P. Kayser & M. Stauss, * P. Kayser, ** M. Stauss
Recorded by M. Lachmann, Kulturzentrum Rütliblick, Morschach, CH, July 25 – 28, 1989