ÜBERFALL “so uferlos im Abendwind”

CHF 15.00

“Best of” from the LPs “… In alle Ewigkeit”, “Neuschnee” & “Nr. 3”

“But Überfall’s main attraction is Markus Stauss and his absolutely unique sax-playing style. He re-invented the sax in much the same way that Ian Anderson has made with the flute … By weaving vibrant, hectic and free-flowing bitter-sweet melodies – without loosing his technical expertise –Stauss takes the central position that once belonged to the guitar-hero, turning anyone who dislikes saxophones into an idolater of the instrument.” (Marcelo Trotta, progressiverockbr.com 7.6.2010)

Line up:
Pit Kayser synthesizer, vocals
Markus Stauss saxes, synth, extras
Andi Muckenhirn drums
Jean Chaine electric bass
Caroline Fahrni violin
André Müller alto, bariton sax

1. Treibsand ** (C)
2. Nah und Fern ** (C)
3. Positives Lied * (C)
4. Happiness (A)
5. Kulturbetrieb (A)
6. So froh ** (C)
7. Sprachlos (C)
8. Uferlos (B)
9. 24 * (C)
10. Eiszeit (C)
11. Oh Mensch * (B)
12. Alles klar (B)
13. Alles im Griff ** (B)
14. Rock (A)
15. Abendwind (B)

Total time: 73’19”

Compositions & lyrics: Stauss, * Kayser, ** Kayser & Stauss
Recorded in (A) 1986, (B) 1987, (C) 1989. Digit. edit. by B. Hofer, Ton-Art Basel, CH, June 16, 1994