ULTERIOR LUX “Adventures”

CHF 15.00

“New musical voyages are way more complex as they seem.”

“The playing is tremendous throughout. They know how to completely let go and do a total jazz »freak-out«. Another beauty in Stauss’ catalogue of jazz secrets. He seems to be a never-ending source of surprises and inspiration.” (Rok Podgrajšek, rockline.si, March 2009)

Line up:
Jean Chaine electric bass
Markus Stauss saxes, extras
Rémy Sträuli drums, keyboards, electronic pads

1. Shortstories
2. Jean’s 7 nightmares
3. In between
4. Kater Carlo
5. Deep inside
6. Again
7. Skyline
8. Twenty-six
9. A bientôt *

Total time: 47’02”

Compositions by M. Stauss, * by Gilles Binchois & M. Stauss
Recorded by Benno Hofer Ton-Art Basel, CH, April 5 – 6, 1997