ULTERIOR LUX “The dancing man” (Vinyl Doppel LP)

CHF 25.00

A Trio, a smash, a bizzare funk fusion

… a trio of musicians who freely mix elements of rock with free-form jazz and come up with their own brand of experimental progressive improvisation … You get the sense that these guys are sitting there with their instruments staring each other in the eyes just egging the others on. There’s a real ‘come on, match this lick,’ going on. … So if you like your rock to feature heavy doses of improvisation mixed with blasts of saxophone, drums and bass this will be the band for you. They can rock out with the best of them but they also bring a jazzy wackiness to the party that keeps the festivities a little edgy. Cool! (Jerry Lucky, jerrylucky.com, Oct. 1, 2009)

Line up:
Jean Chaine electric bass, voice
Markus Stauss saxes, extras
Dimthingshine drums, voice


1. Waste of time *
2. Slant lines **
3. Bloodriffs

1. Outputblues
2. K1

1. Mental in a peachcan *
2. Look for your own way
3. Ghosts ***

1. A 90
2. K1, the ballade

Compositions by Stauss, * Chaine, ** Chaine & D. Moss, *** von A. Ayler
Rec. live by M. Lachmann in Basel, Liestal & Stans, CH, June 21 – 23, 1990