CHF 20.00

“Marking another showcase for Stauss distinctive voice both as a leader and as a composer.”

“Stauss is always in search of the novelty, the uniqueness, and the originality. And he is never afraid of confronting stablished musical dogmas or of stepping on new musical terrains, he simply allows himself to get lost inside his own idiosyncratic delirium of instrumental improvisation. What counts on this project-trio is the constant and eloquent dialogue that Stauss and his saxophone keep up with the trumpet solos performed by Koch – another questioning and challenging musician, in his own right. Between those two dueling contenders, the task of mediator has been reserved for a magnificent Sträuli, who keeps a private show rolling behind his drum kit.” (Marcelo Trotta, progressiverockbr.com,Jan 30,2015)

Line up:
Richard Koch trumpet
Markus Stauss bass, * soprano, ** tenor saxophone
Rémy Sträuli drums, synthesizer

1. Wach auff 2’16”
2. en Route 5’14”
3. next fragment * 8’11”
4. 7413 5’18”
5. Intermezzo 2’08”
6. ganz Ton 6’44”
7. en Art Blues 7’46”
8. Inmitten 4’09”
9. Dance 1’53”
10. Muster 13 ** 9’57”
11. Melafina 0’43”

Total time: 54’57”

Compositions by M. Stauss / Recorded by Benno Hofer Ton-Art, Basel, CH, Sept. 21 – 22, 2013