ZAUSS “Diafonia Leitmotiv Waves”


CHF 20.00

“A thrilling release: Zauss in its most sensitive & its most communicative”

“The duo’s interaction seems to be at its peak. Zago’s use of loops definitely helps in tying and layering the electric guitar and the tenor saxophone unto cohesive pieces that breathe and resonate. And the playing is terrifyingly terrific, with Stauss truly shining as an attentive improviser, as he constantly follows Zago’s course and make sure he meets him every now and then.” (Avi,, April 2015)

Line up:
Francesco Zago el. guitar, loops
Markus Stauss tenor saxophone

1. Introitus 2’37”
2. Senza troppa eleganza 5’28”
3. Gran notturno 6’59”
4. Diafonia 5’17”
5. Lamento 9’34”
6. Crescendo con fuoco 6’20”
7. Adagio molto 9’35”
8. Nordwind 4’37”
9. Prima dell’alba 7’43”
10. Wie Kinder 5’34”
11. Es fuegt sich 4’56”

Total time: 68’41”

Rec. by Zauss in Tradate, I, July 27, 2013 / Edit. by B. Hofer, Nadelberg, BS, CH, July 2014