ZAUSS “neulich neben der Grenze”

CHF 15.00

“Top Progfusion-Soundscapes-Ambient-Avantgarde-Duo”

“Although a difficult album ‘to get’, Zauss has ignited a creative spark that should appeal to music fans not afraid to try something different and folks, this is about as different as it gets.” (J. Neudorf,, Oct. 31, 2010)
“It is an example of what happens when two highly creative and adventurous musicians get together to have a conversation. Beautifully played & flawlessly recorded “Zauss” is an almost perfect album. Stauss’ tone alone is something many a sax player would sell his soul for!” (Steve Roberts, ZNR, Dec. 12, 06)

Line up:
Francesco Zago el. guitar, loops
Markus Stauss soprano saxophone

1. Senza eleganza
2. Nuages
3. Short breath
4. Sülz 06
5. Rondò senza un centro
6. Heartbeat *
7. Immer grüner *
8. Spastic blues
9. Tremori

Total time: 65’03”

Rec. by Zauss in Tradate, I, July 28, 2006 / Improvised by Zauss, * composed by M. Stauss