ZAUSS “überall in terra straniera borders beyond”

CHF 15.00

“Full of wonderful textures, rough transitions, eerie sounds and unorthodox ways of musical expressions”

“Überall” shows that both Francesco and Markus have no borders in music. The first track, ‘Hymn’ sounds like a slow classical piece and makes you think that you’re listening to an old organ. The other side of the musical spectrum is very contemporary sounding. The entire album is an impressive collection of experiments, of sound collages. There are a lot of suprises. I really like this. Music from the other side of the fence. (UniMuta, Aug. 7, 2011)

Line up:
Francesco Zago el. guitar, loops
Markus Stauss bass, sopran, tenor saxophone

1. Hymn 6’51”
2. Senza nessuna eleganza 6’30”
3. Bewegung 5’27”
4. Moods 4’28”
5. Pastorale 5’29”
6. Wendepunkt 3’35”
7. Earthquake 5’16”
8. Kontaktspiel 3’27”
9. Quisquilia 4’43”
10. Little quakes 2’02”
11. Strahlen 2’39”
12. Migrazione 5’03”
13. Meandering 6’20”

Total time: 62’01”

Recorded by Benno Hofer Ton-Art, Basel, CH, November 12 – 13, 2010