FINNEGANS WAKE “The Bird and the Sky Above”

CHF 15.00

“This music does transport you to another place entirely.”

“Open your ears and wings and you will be rewarded with a very unusual and strong experience. Enter the world of birds! Forget the tags like chamber prog, RIO or whatever stamp you expect to associate the band to: instead, hear them fly…now, all around you…with you!” (Music By Mail, Jan 28, 2010)

Line up:
Alexandre Johnson flute, G-flute
Henry Krutzen tenor sax, percussion, piano
Marcilio Onofre piano
Markus Stauss bass sax
Kizambé percussion
Darlan Marley drums
Antônio de Padua trumpet, slide trumpet

Part 1: Still Dreaming
Part 2: First Flight
Part 3: Walking on the Ground
Part 4: Stealing on the Picnic Table
Part 5: Dark Clouds
Part 6: Infinite Background

Total time: 44’43”

Compositions by Henry Krutzen & Marcilio Onofre / Recorded in Basel, CH & Natal, Brasil, 2009