… new worlds of sound unfold and dense energy becomes rich sound …

Since the term “music” apparently has shrunk gradually to a much lesser importance than it should, I prefer to use the term “organised sound” and to avoid the monotonous question: “But is this music ?” (Edgar Varèse)

But is this music? Call it as you like, people go crazy, when they cannot identify and catalogue things. Always anxiety, always panic in the face of the new. The new always contains something of violence, of sacrilege. What is dead is holy. What is new, is different, is bad, dangerous or subversive. (Henry Miller)

Adventurers like, with somnambulatory certainty, penetrating massive thicket, digging hidden treasures, extracting fascinating preciousness (Markus Stauss)


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Some excerpts from reviews of the last decade

Stauss is one hell of a sax player! His solos are complex and flashy, plus he’s got great tone. (Lieto, Progressive Ears) 

Stauss plays the sax as if he is from another planet. (Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility)

Stauss is opulent with his approach, the sax sounding as if it is a part of his very existence. (John O’Boyle, dprp)

Markus´ sax playing is superb throughout recalling George Cartwright of Curlew, Lol Coxhill’s soprano solos, Gato Barbieri’s powerful tenor sound or even the great John Coltrane!… but suffice to say that most people have never heard a sax player like this before! … no matter how far into uncharted territory he might take us, there is still a visceral quality that makes it all understandable and embraceable revelatory! 100 years from now someone will discover Stauss’ work and its relatively small impact and say “My God – what were they thinking? Why wasn’t this man famous?!?”… one of the great unsung heroes of the current music scene! (Steve Roberts, ZNR records)

[sa musique] émane une atmosphère étrange, faite de quiétude et de tension, comme dans les grandes compositions classiques en somme. (Dominique Genin, Prog-résiste)

Contemporary music at its best! with Stauss truly shining as an attentive improviser. (Avi, maelstromzine)

Stauss is, objectively spoken, definitely world class with its distinctive, intense and innovative playing … delivers avant garde in the top class in which every listener gets brutally ripped out of his comfort zone and forced into a creative music universe where the only right thing is to listen intently. In short, music with at least an extra dimension! (Ulf Backstrøm, merlinprog.com)

I can safely say that Stauss is one of the best kept secrets in the music world and one of the most exciting musicians out there. His music is impossible to pigeonhole … something that is beyond all expectation … he leaves no stone unturned – a shrine to innovation … His melodies shine with their catchiness, love for life and exuberance. Just like you cannot mistake a Dali painting, there’s hardly any mistaking a Stauss composition, with his typical saxophone playfulness. (Rok Podgrajsek, Rockline & therocktologist)

There is no universe that intrigues me more than Markus Stauss’ one. An universe that is obligatory to experiment! (Felipe Santos, Pais Relativo!) 

Stauss is always in search of the novelty, the uniqueness, and the originality. And he is never afraid of confronting stablished musical dogmas or of stepping on new musical terrains. (Marcelo Trotta, progressiverockbr.com)

Markus Stauss will never stop surprising me. (Maya, proGGnosis)