MARKUS STAUSS QUARTETT “neulich im Studio” (Vinyl LP)

Markus Stauss-Quartett

CHF 15.00

Four musicians with different musical roots together in one project .

“The line up suggests that a new is to be expected. But above all, the dense collective play and the stylistic independence catch the eye, or ear.” (Zofinger Tagblatt in Mai 1987) “…Connecting intelligence and musicality…” ( Cerutti, October 87)

Line up:
Markus Stauss alto sax
Joseph Poffet alto sax, bass clarinet
Pit Kayser synthesizer
Jacques Widmer drums, percussion


1. Neulich im Studio (1. Version) *
2. Happiness

1. Ein Raub der Flammen
2. Neulich im Studio (2. Version) *

Compositions by Stauss, * by Stauss, Poffet, Kayser & Widmer Recorded by B. Hofer, EMM Studio Gempen, CH, May 14 – 15, 1985