ULTERIOR LUX “The dancing man”

CHF 15.00

CD reissue of the vinyl double album from 1990

“I am really happy with Ulterior Lux, their music captured my instincts and made me had a good time every time I listened to it. It is great to know that there are bands with a low profile that can offer wonderful gems.” (Guillermo Urdapilleta, therocktologist.com, April 2013)

Line up:
Jean Chaine electric bass, voice
Markus Stauss saxes, extras
Dimthingshine drums, voice

1. Waste of time (jc)
2. Slant lines (jc, dm)
3. Bloodriffs
4. Outputblues
5. K1
6. Mental in a peachcan (jc)
7. Look for your own way
8. Ghosts (aa)
9. A 90
10. K1, the ballade

Total time: 68’02”

Compositions by Stauss, Chaine (jc), D. Moss (dm), A. Ayler (aa) / Recorded live in Switzerland (Basel, Liestal, Stans), June 21 – 23, 1990 / Digitally remastered from the original master tapes by B. Hofer Ton-Art Basel, CH, May 2005